Researcher interests: RNA sensors: novel regulators of gene expression. mRNA structure and function. Translational control of eukaryotic gene expression. Regulation of mRNA splicing and the role of the RNA-activated protein kinase PKR therein. Molecular biology of immunoregula
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
Contact Business Development: Keren-Or Amar
All projects by researcher: Atox-Bio Ltd

Selected Publications

anna dittrich, fred schaper, Raymond Kaempfer, lise sarah namer, nadine kohler, oliver klepsch
intragenic regulation of socs3 isoforms (2019)| Cell Communication and Signaling| Read more
alan s cross, anat shirvan, feng chiguang, greg maislin, Raymond Kaempfer, margarite l tarrio, rotem edgar, steven m opal
treatment with one dose of reltecimod is superior to two doses in mouse models of lethal infection (2019)| International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics| Read more
farhat osman, Raymond Kaempfer, lena ilan, lise sarah namer, orli turgeman, smadar cohenchalamish
control of mrna splicing by intragenic rna activators of stress signaling potential implications for human disease (2019)| Frontiers in Genetics| Read more
andrey popugailo, dalia hillman, emmanuelle supper, Raymond Kaempfer, ziv rotfogel
staphylococcal and streptococcal superantigens trigger b7 cd28 costimulatory receptor engagement to hyperinduce inflammatory cytokines (2019)| Frontiers in Immunology| Read more
farhat osman, Raymond Kaempfer, lena ilan, lise sarah namer
control of mrna splicing by noncoding intragenic rna elements that evoke a cellular stress response (2018)| The International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology| Read more
bacterial superantigen toxins cd28 and drug development (2018)| Toxins| Read more
ribosome cycle emerges from dna replication (2017)| Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology| Read more
benoit masquida, farhat osman, Raymond Kaempfer, lise sarah namer, rodrigo jung, yona banai
an ancient pseudoknot in tnf α pre mrna activates pkr inducing eif2α phosphorylation that potently enhances splicing (2017)| Cell Reports| Read more
einav eliahu, farhat osman, Raymond Kaempfer, lena ilan, lise sarah namer, smadar cohenchalamish, yitzhak benasouli, yona banai
pkr activation and eif2α phosphorylation mediate human globin mrna splicing at spliceosome assembly (2017)| Cell Research| Read more
andrey popugailo, dalia hillman, Gila Arad, Raymond Kaempfer, Revital Levy, ziv rotfogel
bacterial superantigen toxins induce a lethal cytokine storm by enhancing b7 2 cd28 costimulatory receptor engagement a critical immune checkpoint (2017)| Receptors and clinical investigation| Read more

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Atox Bio is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics for the treatment of infectious and autoimmune diseases mediated by excessive T-cell response. Having developed novel immunomodulators that reduce autoimmune response, as well...


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