Researcher interests: Regeneration and adventitious root development.

Selected Publications

alison mello, Idan Efroni, kenneth birnbaum, ramin rahni
the selaginella rhizophore has a unique transcriptional identity compared with root and shoot meristems (2019)| New Phytologist| Read more
alon israeli, chen yahav, Idan Efroni, liebermanlazarovich michal
deep conservation of response element variants regulating plant hormonal responses (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
a conceptual framework for cell identity transitions in plants (2018)| Plant and Cell Physiology| Read more
Idan Efroni, kenneth birnbaum
the potential of single cell profiling in plants (2016)| Genome Biology| Read more
chihiro furumizu, Idan Efroni, john alvarez, john bowman, yuval eshed
active suppression of a leaf meristem orchestrates determinate leaf growth (2016)| eLife| Read more
Idan Efroni, kenneth birnbaum, ramin rahni
a case for distributed control of local stem cell behavior in plants (2016)| Developmental Cell| Read more
alison mello, ashley powers, Idan Efroni, kenneth birnbaum, nicholas delrose, pui leng, rahul satija, ramin rahni, tal nawy
root regeneration triggers an embryo like sequence guided by hormonal interactions (2016)| Cell| Read more
alison mello, Idan Efroni, kenneth birnbaum, puileng, tal nawy
quantification of cell identity from single cell gene expression profiles (2015)| Genome Biology| Read more
bastiaan bargmann, dominique bergmann, Idan Efroni, Eilon Shani, gabriel krouk, goh choe, jiři friml, kenneth birnbaum, mark estelle, steffen vanneste, tal nawy
a map of cell type specific auxin responses (2014)| Molecular Systems Biology| Read more
regulation of leaf maturation by chromatin mediated modulation of cytokinin responses ()| Developmental Cell| Read more

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