Researcher interests: Pharmacodynamic aspects of drug delivery systems. Optimized drug delivery according to the kinetics of drug action. The effect of disease states on the kinetics of drug action and on bone resorption. Lymphatic drug absorption. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of peptides. Structure-bioavailability of peptides.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

abraham j domb, constantin itin, Amnon Hoffman
a meta opinion cannabinoids delivered to oral mucosa by a spray for systemic absorption are rather ingested into gastro intestinal tract the influences of fed fasting states (2019)| Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery| Read more
adi schumacherklinger, gabriel nussbaum, Chaim Gilon, Amnon Hoffman, shira dishon
myristoylation confers oral bioavailability and improves the bioactivity of c myd 4 4 a cyclic peptide inhibitor of myd88 (2019)| Molecular Pharmaceutics| Read more
adi schumacher, alaa talhami, dimitrios karussis, gabriel nussbaum, Chaim Gilon, Amnon Hoffman, ibrahim kassis, joseph fanous, shira dishon
development of a novel backbone cyclic peptide inhibitor of the innate immune tlr il1r signaling protein myd88 (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
adi schumacherklinger, andreas f b rader, florian reichart, Chaim Gilon, Amnon Hoffman, horst kessler, michael weinmuller, shira merzbach
oral aktive peptide gibt es ein patentrezept (2018)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
adi schumacherklinger, andreas f b rader, florian reichart, Chaim Gilon, Amnon Hoffman, horst kessler, michael weinmuller, shira merzbach
orally active peptides is there a magic bullet (2018)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
abrahamj domb, dvora izgelov, eliyahu shmoeli, Amnon Hoffman
pro nanoliposphers pnl for improved oral bioavailability of insoluble drugs (2018)| American Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics| Read more
adi schumacherklinger, agata gitlindomaglaska, andreas f b rader, florian reichart, Chaim Gilon, Amnon Hoffman, horst kessler, joseph fanous, michael weinmueller, shira merzbach
enhancing oral bioavailability of cyclic rgd hexa peptides by the lipophilic prodrug charge masking approach redirection of peptide intestinal permeability from paracellular to transcellular pathway (2018)| Molecular Pharmaceutics| Read more
abraham j domb, dvora izgelov, gefen aldouby bier, Amnon Hoffman, irina cherniakov
the effect of piperine pro nano lipospheres on direct intestinal phase ii metabolism the raloxifene paradigm of enhanced oral bioavailability (2018)| Molecular Pharmaceutics| Read more
eli breuer, Amnon Hoffman, marina tsuriel, r rama suresh, Reuven Reich, reut bitton
investigation of intestinal absorption enhancers individual vs blends with the carbamoylphosphonate js403 (2018)| Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability| Read more
adi schumacher, andreas f b rader, ettore novellino, florian rechenmacher, florian reichart, francesco saverio di leva, Chaim Gilon, Amnon Hoffman, horst kessler, jose m munozfelix, joseph fanous, kairbaan hodivaladilke, luciana marinelli, michael weinmuller, tobias g kapp, udaya kiran marelli
overcoming the lack of oral availability of cyclic hexapeptides design of a selective and orally available ligand for the integrin αvβ3 (2017)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
anat elman, arik dahan, danielle simmons, eran dvir, Jonathan / Yonatan Friedman, Amnon Hoffman, israel shapiro, revital duvdevani
dp 155 a lecithin derivative of indomethacin is a novel nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug for analgesia and alzheimer s disease therapy (2007)| Cns Drug Reviews| Read more
alex kozak, arik dahan, eran dvir, firas m younis, Jonathan / Yonatan Friedman, gilad rosenberg, Amnon Hoffman, israel shapiro, itzchak angel, jaeyoung koh, joo yong lee, revital duvdevani, shaul raz
a novel phospholipid derivative of indomethacin dp 155 mixture of 1 steroyl and 1 palmitoyl 2 4 1 p chlorobenzoyl 5 methoxy 2 methyl 3 indolyl acetamido butanoyl sn glycero 3 phosophatidyl choline shows superior safety and similar efficacy in reducin (2006)| Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics| Read more

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