Academic staff
Researcher interests: statistics of large databases with applications in neuroscience.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Statistics
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Selected Publications

Yuval Benjamini, jonathan taylor, rafael irizarry
selection corrected statistical inference for region detection with high throughput assays (2018)| Journal of the American Statistical Association| Read more
Yuval Benjamini, keegan korthauer, rafael irizarry, sutirtha chakraborty
detection and accurate false discovery rate control of differentially methylated regions from whole genome bisulfite sequencing (2018)| Biostatistics| Read more
Yuval Benjamini, charles zheng, rakesh achanta
extrapolating expected accuracies for large multi class problems (2018)| Journal of Machine Learning Research| Read more
Yuval Benjamini, charles zheng, rakesh achanta
how many faces can be recognized performance extrapolation for multi class classification (2016)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.05228| Read more
Yuval Benjamini, charles zheng
estimating mutual information in high dimensions via classification error (2016)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.05229| Read more
Yuval Benjamini, damien bruno, devika ganesamoorthy, dineika chandrananda, howard slater, melanie bahlo, natalie thorne, terence speed
investigating and correcting plasma dna sequencing coverage bias to enhance aneuploidy discovery (2014)| PLOS ONE| Read more
the shuffle estimator for explainable variance in fmri experiments (2013)| The Annals of Applied Statistics| Read more
Yuval Benjamini, terence speed
summarizing and correcting the gc content bias in high throughput sequencing (2012)| Nucleic Acids Research| Read more
effects of productivity and disturbance on species richness a neutral model (2006)| The American Naturalist| Read more

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