Researcher interests: Organic geochemistry. Fossil fuel and energy from renewable sources. Oil exploration and ecologial aspects. Analytical and monitoring equipment. Monitoring of industrial processes.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Zeev Aizenshtat, pnina shor, yonah maor
white halos surrounding the dead sea scrolls (2017)| Journal of Cultural Heritage| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, elad meller, Vitaly Gutkin, yoel sasson
catalytic hydrocracking hydrogenation of castor oil fatty acid methyl esters over nickel substituted polyoxometalate catalyst (2016)| ChemistrySelect| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, alex l sessions, alexander meshoulam, alon amrani, andrei deev, geoffrey s ellis, jess f adkins, jinzhong liu, ward said ahmad, william p gilhooly, yongchun tang
study of thermochemical sulfate reduction mechanism using compound specific sulfur isotope analysis (2016)| Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, elad meller, yoel sasson
palladium catalyzed hydrogenation of biomass derived halogenated furfurals (2016)| RSC Advances| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, avishay aviv, elad meller, yoel sasson
preparation of halogenated furfurals as intermediates in the carbohydrates to biofuel process (2016)| RSC Advances| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, arie nissenbaum, f gelman, naama avrahamov, orit sivan, Yoseph Yechieli
proposed sources of methane along the dead sea transform (2015)| Chemical Geology| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, elad meller, u green, yoel sasson
catalytic deoxygenation of castor oil over pd c for the production of cost effective biofuel (2014)| Fuel| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, haim cohen, sharon ruthstein, Uri Green, yulia shenberger
exploring the radical nature of a carbon surface by electron paramagnetic resonance and a calibrated gas flow (2014)| Journal of Visualized Experiments| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, gil goobes, haim cohen, keren keinanadamsky, sharon ruthstein, smadar attia, Uri Green
elucidating the role of stable carbon radicals in the low temperature oxidation of coals by coupled epr nmr spectroscopy a method to characterize surfaces of porous carbon materials (2014)| Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics| Read more
Zeev Aizenshtat, jan jehlicka, nesya kandel, Aharon Oren, rahel elevi bardavid
glycine betaine is the main organic osmotic solute in a stratified microbial community in a hypersaline evaporitic gypsum crust (2013)| Extremophiles| Read more

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