Researcher interests: Dermal and transdermal drug delivery: enhancers and mechanism of action, enhanced delivery of peptides and other drugs through biological membranes. Nasal drug delivery for systemic action. New CNS therapies. Novel approaches for enhanced and modulated delivery of peptides and drugs to/through the skin: ethosomes, eutectics, chiral drugs. Novel combined model for skin penetration with biological endpoint. Design and development of a new sunscreen non penetrating the skin.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

hiba natsheh, shaher duchi, Elka Touitou
buspirone nanovesicular nasal system for non hormonal hot flushes treatment (2018)| Pharmaceutics| Read more
hiba natsheh, Elka Touitou
phospholipid magnesome a nasal vesicular carrier for delivery of drugs to brain (2018)| Drug Delivery and Translational Research| Read more
irit allon, Elka Touitou
scrolls novel microparticulate systems for enhanced delivery to across the skin (2016)| Drug Delivery and Translational Research| Read more
Biana Godin, denize ainbinder, Elka Touitou
ethosomes enhanced delivery of drugs to and across the skin (2016)| | Read more
Biana Godin, Elka Touitou
dermal and transdermal delivery (2015)| | Read more
christopher bawiec, Gadi Cohen, hiba natsheh, Philip Lazarovici, melissa lerman, peter lewin, Elka Touitou, youhan sunny
enhanced therapeutic anti inflammatory effect of betamethasone on topical administration with low frequency low intensity 20 khz 100 mw cm2 ultrasound exposure on carrageenan induced arthritis in a mouse model (2015)| Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology| Read more
jana zailer, Elka Touitou
pouch drug delivery systems for dermal and transdermal administration (2014)| Drug Delivery and Translational Research| Read more
alain rolland, allan hoffman, chun wen hsiao, david mooney, denize ainbinder, dennis discher, doo sung lee, eun seong lee, gary wnek, gaylen zentner, guang hui gao, guangyuan zhou, horacio cabral, hsingwen sung, hye sung kim, hyuk sang yoo, jinming gao, kazunori kataoka, kun, maria alonso, masamichi nakayama, michael hadjiargyrou, nicholas peppas, noemi csaba, omar ali, peter lonn, praful nair, russell mumper, ruth duncan, samir mitragotri, shi liu, sishen feng, steven dowdy, sung wan kim, takuro niidome, teruo okano, Elka Touitou, vinod labhasetwar, xiabin jing, you han bae, yuan chuang, yubin huang, zhigang xie, zixian liao
highly cited research articles in journal of controlled release commentaries and perspectives by authors (2014)| Journal of Controlled Release| Read more
haim ovadia, shaher duchi, Elka Touitou
nasal administration of drugs as a new non invasive strategy for efficient treatment of multiple sclerosis (2013)| Journal of Neuroimmunology| Read more
denize ainbinder, francesco marchini, lorenzo pradella, shaher duchi, Elka Touitou
nasal tramadol delivery system a new approach for improved pain therapy (2011)| European Journal of Pain Supplements| Read more

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