Researcher interests: Enzymology and industrial enzymology: development, preparation and stabilization of industrial enzymes; immobilization of enzymes in sol-gel glasses; biosensors; surface properties of native and modified proteins. Industrial microbiology: development of new industrial microorganisms and processes; genetic engineering of industrial microorganisms; regulation of mycelial morphology in submerged fermentation; production of fungal spores and secondary metabolites; new microbial insecticides. Adhesion properties of microorganisms.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Sergei Braun, moshe harel
a method of controlling water surface inhabiting pests (2014)| | Read more
Assaf Sukenik, Sergei Braun, colin block, gad weiss, jenny gun, judy liemanhurwitz, Aaron Kaplan, Ovadia Lev, Mario Lebendiker, moshe harel, Shmuel Carmeli, tamar zohary, violeta temper
interactions between scenedesmus and microcystis may be used to clarify the role of secondary metabolites (2013)| Environmental Microbiology Reports| Read more
Sergei Braun, David Engelberg, gavin sherlock, jared wenger, liat avrahamimoyal
turbidostat culture of saccharomyces cerevisiae w303 1a under selective pressure elicited by ethanol selects for mutations in ssd1 and uth1 (2012)| Fems Yeast Research| Read more
Assaf Sukenik, avraham wilenz, bojan sedmak, Sergei Braun, einat daniel, elke dittmann, gad weiss, Aaron Kaplan, moshe harel, ora hadas
casting a net fibres produced by microcystis sp in field and laboratory populations (2012)| Environmental Microbiology Reports| Read more
Sergei Braun, David Engelberg, liat avrahamimoyal
overexpression of pde2 or ssd1 v in saccharomyces cerevisiae w303 1a strain renders it ethanol tolerant (2012)| Fems Yeast Research| Read more
Ana González, Sergei Braun, Daniela Klein, marina leeuw, marlene mekel, Noa Godin, Orna Almog, richard walter, Gil Shoham
the crystal structures of the psychrophilic subtilisin s41 and the mesophilic subtilisin sph reveal the same calcium loaded state (2009)| Proteins| Read more
amos oppenheim, Assaf Bahat, bin, Sergei Braun, carolyn suzuki, Zvika Granot, michael maurizi, naomi melamedbook, Oren Kobiler, Joseph Orly, Sarah Eimerl
turnover of mitochondrial steroidogenic acute regulatory star protein by lon protease the unexpected effect of proteasome inhibitors (2007)| Molecular Endocrinology| Read more
process for preparation of biodegradable polymers and resins from proteins and plastics obtained thereby (2003)| | Read more
Ana González, Sergei Braun, Daniela Klein, harry greenblatt, Orna Almog, Gil Shoham
the 0 93a crystal structure of sphericase a calcium loaded serine protease from bacillus sphaericus (2003)| Journal of Molecular Biology| Read more
conversion of fumaric acid to l malic by sol gel immobilized saccharomyces cerevisiae in a supported liquid membrane bioreactor (2002)| Biotechnology Progress| Read more

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