Researcher interests: Colloid chemistry and crystallization phenomena: emulsifiers - extraction from natural sources (hydrocolloids, proteins, saponins). Synthesis of emulsifiers, detergents and stabilizers. Synthesis of graft-copolymeric amphiphiles. Study of microstructure of nonionic L2-microemulsions. Double emulsions for sustained and slow release of active matter. Cloudy emulsions. Dispersions of dyes (photographic) colorants (lycopene) and active organic materials. Crystallization of water-soluble materials in the presence of surfactants. Polymorphism in crystallization of fats, oils and lipids. Surface-active enzymes extracted from plants. Microemulsions as micro-reactions for enzymatic processes.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Abraham Aserin, Dima Libster, Nissim Garti
Lipid polymorphism in lyotropic liquid crystals for triggered release of bioactives (2012)| Royal Society Of Chemistry| Read more
Abraham Aserin, Dima Libster, Nissim Garti
Advanced nucleating agents for polypropylene (2007)| Wiley Online Library | Read more
Abraham Aserin, Dima Libster, Nissim Garti, Idit Amar-Yuli
Solubilization of food bioactives within lyotropic liquid crystalline mesophases (1009)| ScienceDirect | Read more

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LDS-Lyotropic Delivery Systems

LDS is a privately owned nano and biotechnology company focusing on the development of novel liquid nano-sized delivery systems. 
LDS proprietary drug delivery systems enable solubiliztion of large loads of water-insoluble and poorly-permeable...


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