Researcher interests: Development of an original nano-delivery platform for improving the oral absorption of poorly absorbed drugs  Taher Nassar, Suha Attili-Qadry, Ayala Rohald; Natasha Nayarkin and Simon Benita Based on combined technologies the aim of this novel nanoplatform is to release and enhance the intestinal absorption of drugs by encapsulating them in nanocapsules that are embedded in microparticles. This nanoplatform was shown to bypass the liver where part of the drug dose is degraded prior to reaching the blood circulation following oral administration since the drug-loaded nanocapsules permeated through the intestinal mucosa and reached the blood circulation via the lymphatic system.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

alessio peritore, Simon Benita, Ehud Ziv, enrico gugliandolo, liat soudrykochavi, natalya naraykin, rosanna paola, salvatore cuzzocrea, taher nassar
pharmacodynamical effects of orally administered exenatide nanoparticles embedded in gastro resistant microparticles (2018)| European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics| Read more
ayala rohald, Simon Benita, dinorah barasch, Moshe Kotler, natalya naraykin, orit amsalem, ponnandy prabhu, taher nassar
nanocapsules embedded in microparticles for enhanced oral bioavailability and efficacy of lopinavir as an anti aids drug (2018)| Journal of Drug Targeting| Read more
Simon Benita, bourges, frederic lallemand, jeansebastien garrigue, mathieu schmitt, robert gurny
cyclosporine a delivery to the eye a comprehensive review of academic and industrial efforts (2017)| European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics| Read more
Simon Benita, Philip Lazarovici, orit amsalem, sandrine benhamron, taher nassar, Eylon Yavin
solid nano in nanoparticles for potential delivery of sirna (2017)| Journal of Controlled Release| Read more
amit badihi, Simon Benita, claes enk, mano robinpour, Nir Debotton
dermal absorption behavior of fluorescent molecules in nanoparticles on human and porcine skin models (2017)| International Journal of Pharmaceutics| Read more
aiman abu ammar, Simon Benita, Dan Gibson, raji raveendran, taher nassar
a lipophilic pt iv oxaliplatin derivative enhances antitumor activity (2016)| Journal of Medicinal Chemistry| Read more
Simon Benita, taher nassar
micro particulated nanocapsules containing lopinavir with enhanced oral bioavailability and efficacy (2016)| | Read more
Simon Benita, orit amsalem, taher nassar
withdrawn patent as per the latest uspto withdrawn list nano delivery systems for sirna (2016)| | Read more
Simon Benita, frederic lallemand, yoav hamdi
drug loaded nanocarriers for back of the eye diseases formulation limitations (2015)| Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology| Read more
pt iv derivatives and nanocarriers comprising them ()| | Read more

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BioNanoSim Ltd.

BioNanoSim Ltd., (BNS) is an upscale company manufacturing nano-based delivery systems which are uniquely challenging for pharmaceutical development especially the production of polymeric biodegradable nanoparticles (NPs). Such NPs, once drug-...


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