Researcher interests: Composite materials, polymers and nanocomposites: multi-dimension structural morphology-property correlations.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

corrosion resistant hybrid nanoparticles of polydimethylsiloxane fe obtained by thermolysis of fe co 5 ()| European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry| Read more
metal entrapped compounds ()| | Read more
silver coated vapor grown carbon nanofibers for effective reinforcement of polypropylene polyaniline ()| Composites Science and Technology| Read more
an fe co 5 thermolysis based process for the preparation of polymer iron composite powders with high corrosion resistance ()| European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry| Read more
organically doped silver nanoparticles deposited on titania nanofibers enhanced catalytic methanol oxidation ()| Journal of Physical Chemistry C| Read more
creep and wear behaviour of ethylene butene copolymers reinforced by ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibres ()| Wear| Read more
triple hybrid nanomaterials dye doped silver particles supported on ceramic nanofibers ()| Science of Advanced Materials| Read more
metal polymer composites synthesis and characterization of polyaniline and other polymer silver compositions ()| Chemistry of Materials| Read more
metals doped with organic materials ()| | Read more
polyaniline entrapped in silver structural properties and electrical conductivity ()| Advanced Functional Materials| Read more

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