Researcher interests: Biomedical polymers - synthesis, characterization and biological interactions of implantable polymeric biomaterials. Biodegradable polymers. Biomedical composites. Novel polyurethanes. Surface modification of polymers. Tissue engineering.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Daniel Cohn, Ela Sachyani, Ido Cooperstein, Matt Zarek, Michael Layani
3D Printing of Shape Memory Polymers for Flexible Electronic Devices (2015)| Wiley Online Library | Read more
Daniel Cohn, Nadav Kimelman-Bleich, Shai Garty, Zvi Hayouka
Peptide-Modified “Smart” Hydrogels and Genetically Engineered Stem Cells for Skeletal Tissue Engineering (2010)| ACS publications| Read more
Daniel Cohn, Gurevitch Olga, Kurkalli Basan Gowda S, Sosnik Alejandro
Repair of Bone Defect Using Bone Marrow Cells and Demineralized Bone Matrix Supplemented with Polymeric Materials (2010)| ingenta connect| Read more

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