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Researcher interests: Plio-Pleistocene archaeology in East Africa. The Middle Paleolithic of the Levant. The evolution of symbolism and art. Lithic technology. Subsistence and mobility (land-use strategies) of early hominins. Taphonomy and site formation processes. Archaeological theory. Technological organization and decision making among prehistoric hunter-gatherers. Archaeology of cognitive evolution.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

Ariel Malinsky-Buller, Erella Hovers, Ofer Marder
Making time: ‘Living floors’, ‘palimpsests’ and site formation processes – A perspective from the open-air Lower Paleolithic site of Revadim Quarry, Israel (2011)| ScienceDirect | Read more
Anna Belfer‐Cohen, Erella Hovers
Modernity, Enhanced Working Memory, and the Middle to Upper Paleolithic Record in the Levant (2010)| THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PRESS JOURNALS| Read more
David R. Braun, Erella Hovers
Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Oldowan (2009)| Springer Link | Read more

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