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Researcher interests: Archaeology of the Islamic period and its multi-cultural aspects. Urban patterns in the transition between the Byzantine to the Islamic periods. Umayyad palaces and their social and economic significance. Early Islamic mosques; roads and inns, especially of the post-Crusader period. Minarets in Palestine and their symbolism. Pottery of the Islamic period.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

Khān al-Ẓāhir – bi-Ẓāhir al-Quds! (2009)| Cambridge university press| Read more
The Umayyad Mosque Of Tiberias (2009)| Brill Online Books And Journals| Read more
The Fifth mīl from Jerusalem: another Umayyad milestone from southern Bilād al-Shām1 (2007)| Cambridge university press| Read more

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