Researcher interests: Theoretical and computational chemistry: Emphasis on theoretical research closely related to experiment.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Arik Cohen, Robert Gerber
A Noble-Gas Hydride in a Nitrogen Medium: Structure, Spectroscopy, and Intermolecular Vibrations of HXeBr@(N2)22 (2016)| ACS publications| Read more
Robert Gerber, Jaroslaw Kalinowski, Markku Räsänen
Mechanism and electronic transition in the reaction: On the fly dynamics simulations with multi-reference potentials (2012)| ScienceDirect | Read more
A. Cohen, Robert Gerber, M. Sukharev, Tamar Seideman
Ultrafast nonadiabatic photodissociation dynamics of F2 in solid Ar (2009)| Springer Link | Read more

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