Researcher interests: High harmonic generation. Ultrafast physics.
DEPARTMENT: Applied Physics
Contact Business Development: Matt Zarek

Selected Publications

Gilad Marcus, Robert Hartmann, Wolfram Helml, Xun Gu, Yunpei Deng
Subfemtosecond K -Shell Excitation with a Few-Cycle Infrared Laser Field (2012)| APS Physics| Read more
Alexander Schwarz, Hanieh Fattahi, Gilad Marcus, Yunpei Deng
Carrier-envelope-phase-stable, 1.2 mJ, 1.5 cycle laser pulses at 2.1 μm (2012)| OSA publishing| Read more
Abraham Englander, Arie Zigler, Ariel Bruner, David Eger, Gilad Marcus
Generation of a high-energy ultrawideband chirped source in periodically poled LiTaO3 (2005)| OSA publishing| Read more

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