Researcher interests: Phase transfer catalysis, theory and applications. Catalytic process development. Liquid phase autoxidations. Formate salts as hydrogen and energy carriers. Gas and liquid phase halogenations. Selective bromination processes.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

hilal zaid, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, sleman kadan, yoel sasson
portulaca oleracea l extracts enhance glut4 translocation to the surface of muscle cells in insulin dependent and independent fashion (2019)| Advancement in Medicinal Plant Research| Read more
alexander frenklah, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, sebastian kozuch, yoel sasson, ziv treigerman
formic acid dehydrogenation by ruthenium catalyst computational and kinetic analysis with the energy span model (2019)| European Journal of Organic Chemistry| Read more
Yoel (Casali) Sasson, yoel sasson, ziv treigerman
separation of formate ion from a catalytic mixture after a hydrogenation process of bicarbonate ion and generation of formic acid the last stage of the formic acid cycle (2019)| American Journal of Analytical Chemistry| Read more
priti sharma, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, yoel sasson
sustainable visible light assisted in situ hydrogenation via a magnesium water system catalyzed by a pd g c3n4 photocatalyst (2019)| Green Chemistry| Read more
Yoel (Casali) Sasson, yoel sasson, ziv treigerman
generation and quantification of formate ion produced from aqueous sodium bicarbonate in the presence of homogeneous ruthenium catalyst (2018)| ACS Omega| Read more
anirban dandapat, dror avisar, hadas mamane, hani gnayem, inna horovitz, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, thomas luxbacher, yoel sasson
solar photocatalytic degradation of trace organic pollutants in water by bi 0 doped bismuth oxyhalide thin films (2018)| ACS Omega| Read more
bashar saad, Guy Cohen, hilal zaid, raed abureziq, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, shoshana benvalid, sleman kadan, thomas linn, yoel sasson
teucrium polium extracts stimulate glut4 translocation to the plasma membrane in l6 muscle cells (2018)| Advancement in Medicinal Plant Research| Read more
maria hitrik, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, yoel sasson
aggregation of catalytically active ru nanoparticles to inactive bulk monitored in situ during an allylic isomerization reaction influence of solvent surfactant and stirring (2018)| RSC Advances| Read more
priti sharma, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, yoel sasson
facile continuous process for gas phase halogen exchange over supported alkyl phosphonium salts (2018)| RSC Advances| Read more
ankita singh, jayant rathod, pradeep kumar, priti sharma, Yoel (Casali) Sasson, yoel sasson
synthesis of heterogeneous ru ii 1 2 3 triazole catalyst supported over sba 15 application to the hydrogen transfer reaction and unusual highly selective 1 4 disubstituted triazole formation via multicomponent click reaction (2018)| Catalysis Science & Technology| Read more

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