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atamna, gila abells sutton, mair, Amir Steinman

Abstract A valid, reliable and usable scale is needed for assessing severity of acute abdominal pain in horses. The study aim was to compare three different scales: (1) the equine (EAAPS); (2) a described by Mair Smith (2005; M S); (3) numerical rating (NRS). Forty brief films horses (35 colic cases five control horses) were randomly presented 46 veterinarians from countries. Participants, divided into groups, each used one scale. Five selected...

(2019) | Veterinary Journal
greg corrado, kiyohito iigaya, leo sugrue, Yonatan Loewenstein, stefano fusi, william newsome, yashar ahmadian

Behavior deviating from our normative expectations often appears irrational. For example, even though behavior following the so-called matching law can maximize reward in a stationary foraging task, actual commonly deviates matching. Such behavioral deviations are interpreted as failure of subject; however, here we instead suggest that they reflect an adaptive strategy, suitable for uncertain, non-stationary environments. To prove it,...

(2019) | Nature Communications
ahmed radwan, avital pushett, hana benchetrit, Tomer Kaplan, kirill makedonski, michal inbar, mohammad jaber, noa renous, noam maoz, rachel lasry, Oren RAM, shulamit sebban, tommy kaplan, valery zayat, yosef buganim, zvi zakheim

Summary Following fertilization, totipotent cells undergo asymmetric cell divisions, resulting in three distinct types the late pre-implantation blastocyst: epiblast (Epi), primitive endoderm (PrE), and trophectoderm (TE). Here, we aim to understand whether these can be induced from fibroblasts by one combination of transcription factors. By utilizing a sophisticated fluorescent knockin reporter system, identified five factors, Gata3, Eomes,...

(2019) | Cell Stem Cell
arezoo dianat, dominique vuillaume, evgeniy mervinetsky, gianaurelio cuniberti, guerin, israel alshanski, leonardo medrano sandonas, mattan hurevich, rafael gutierrez, stephane lenfant, Shlomo Yitzchaik
(2019) | Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Nir Barnea, hen, korover, piasetzky, ronen weiss

Results of electron-induced one- and two-nucleon hard knockout reactions, $A(e,e'p)$ $A(e,e'pN)$, in kinematics sensitive to nuclear short-range correlations, are studied using the contact formalism. A relation between spectral function contacts is derived used analyze dependence data on initial energy momentum knocked-out proton. The ratio number emitted proton-proton pairs proton-neutron shown depend predominantly a single contacts. This...

(2019) | Physics Letters B
Erick Fredj, naftali lazarovitch, Eran Tas, theodor bughici

AbstractA reliable forecast of potential evapotranspiration (ET0) is key to precise irrigation scheduling toward reducing water and agrochemical use while optimizing crop yield. In this study, we examine the benefits using weather research forecasting (WRF) model for ET0 precipitation forecasts with simulations at a 3-km grid spatial resolution an hourly temporal output over Israel. The simulated parameters needed calculate Penman?Monteith...

(2019) | Journal of Hydrometeorology

This paper investigates whether the increasing "residual wage inequality" trend is related to manufacturing decline and influx of low-skilled immigrants. There a vast literature arguing that technological change, international trade, institutional factors have played significant role in inequality trend. However, most unexplained by observable factors. attempts "explain" growth variance wages exploiting variation across locations (states or...

(2019) | The Economic Journal
amichai perlman, einat gorelik, Ilan Matok, momen abbasi, mordechai muszkat, reem masarwa, victoria rotshild

Introduction?Several fluoroquinolone antibiotics have been associated with cardiac adverse effects, leading to the withdrawal of some these agents from market. Cardiac side effects such as QT prolongation and torsades de pointes (TdP) also observed fluoroquinolones currently on In order evaluate risk a class, comparative for each individual drug, we conducted systematic review, meta-analysis, network meta-analysis.

(2019) | Drug Safety
Nissim Benvenisty, lev roz seaton, shiran bar, talia eldargeva, uri weissbein
(2019) | Cell Reports
Micki Eisenman, Srikanth Paruchuri

Abstract We study firms' abilities to increase the generative appropriability of their knowledge by studying recombination patterns inventors in context a merger between two equally sized pharmaceutical firms. Specifically, we inventors' choices recombine originating firm with which they merge. hypothesize that mergers focus attention units other and therefore, will choose more this knowledge, exists intra-firm network, following merger. also...

(2019) | Long Range Planning
Ann Saada, Ruth Gabizon, guy keller, Kati Frid, Orli Binyamin

Abstract Mitochondrial malfunction is a common feature in advanced stages of neurodegenerative conditions, as the case for accumulation aberrantly folded proteins, such PrP prion diseases. In this work, we investigated mitochondrial activity and expression related factors vis at subclinical TgMHu2ME199K mice, modeling genetic While these mice remain healthy until 5?6?months age, they succumb to fatal disease 12?14?months. We found that...

(2019) | Neurobiology of Disease
Abedelmajeed Nasereddin, aviv barzilai, eli schwartz, felix pavlotzky, Charles Jaffe, michal solomon, nadav sahar
(2019) | Emerging Infectious Diseases
aron lichtman, asti jackson, bogna ignatowskajankowska, catia giordano, enrico daniello, fabiana piscitelli, francesca guida, gavin petrie, giulia donvito, imad damaj, laura simselley, linda parker, Raphael Mechoulam, mohammed mustafa, pretal muldoon, reem smoum, rosa maria vitale, sabatino maione, vincenzo marzo

Abstract Cigarette smokers with brain damage involving the insular cortex display cessation of tobacco smoking, suggesting that this region may contribute to nicotine addiction. In present study, we speculated molecules in are sensitive experimental traumatic injury (TBI) mice might provide leads ameliorate Using targeted lipidomics, found TBI elicited substantial increases a largely uncharacterized lipid, N -acyl-glycine, -oleoyl-glycine...

(2019) | Neuropharmacology
alexandre leveille, Gad Baneth, john barta

Abstract Extrachromosomal genomes of the adeleorinid parasite Hepatozoon canis infecting an Israeli dog were investigated using next-generation (NGS) and standard sequencing technologies. A complete apicoplast genome several mitochondrion?associated sequences generated. The (31,869 bp) possessed two copies both large subunit (23S) small (16S) ribosomal RNA genes (rDNA) within inverted repeat (IR) region, as well 22 protein-coding (CDS), 25...

(2019) | International Journal for Parasitology
anita castro sparks, bingyu zhao, Saul Burdman, gregory welbaum, jiamin miao, kunru wang, mamadou traore, noam eckshtainlevi, walcott, zhibo wang
(2019) | Molecular Plant Pathology
Gadi Pelled, galina shapiro, Dan Gazit, josquin foiret, katherine ferrara, maxim bez

Ultrasound-mediated gene delivery (sonoporation) is a minimally invasive, nonviral and clinically translatable method of therapy. This offers favorable safety profile over that viral vectors less invasive as compared with other physical approaches (e.g., electroporation). We have previously used sonoporation to overexpress transgenes in different skeletal tissues order induce tissue regeneration. Here, we provide protocol could easily be...

(2019) | Nature Protocols