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jakob gonczarowski, Daniel Lischinski

Several techniques for acceleration of ray tracing parametric surfaces are presented. Some these entirely new to tracing, while others improvements previously known techniques. First a uniform spatial subdivision scheme is adapted surfaces. A space- and time-efficient algorithm finding raysurface intersections introduced. It combines numerical techniques, thus allowing utilization coherence greatly reducing the average ray-surface...

(1990) | The Visual Computer
horace g lunt, Moshe Taube

~peBHeeBpe~cKHX opI4FI4Ha/IOB B ~ n o x y X I V BB. ~e ,A~oY, f e m 8u3~lsam~, co~uueuu~", declared Anatolij Alekseevi~ Alekseev recently in these pages (1987a, 11-12; emphasis supplied). Now, it is well established that translations from Hebrew. were made the East Slavic area after about 1450. But there really any evidence for Hebrew world earlier than 14007 Before we look closely at matter , should like to offer some general methodological...

(1988) | Russian Linguistics
(1987) | Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu
Tamar Hess, t sachs

Summary??The general problem studied in this work was the control of formation different types cells from cambium ordered spatial arrangements. Young Phaseolus vulgaris plants were used, and which vessels fibres secondary xylem. It possible to type xylem formed stem by selectively removing leaves ages. Many below young while a single mature leaf caused large volume xylem, often more than that an intact plant, consisted almost entirely fibres....

(1972) | New Phytologist

Conflicting results have been reported for the stable Sr isotope fractionation, specifically with respect to influence of temperature. In an experimental study we investigated systematics inorganically precipitated and biogenic (coral) aragonite (natural laboratory-cultured). Inorganic precipitation experiments were performed from natural seawater using CO2 diffusion technique. The at different temperatures carbonate ion concentrations....

() | Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta