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Amir Haze, Anat Blumenfeld, dekel shilo, Dan Deutsch, Gadi Cohen, koby goren, Philip Lazarovici, salem hanhan, shay sharon

Nerve growth factor (NGF) promotes pleiotropic gene transcription-dependent biological effects, in neuronal and non-neuronal cells, including survival, proliferation, differentiation, neuroprotection, pain, angiogenesis. It is hypothesized that during odontogenesis, NGF may be implicated morphogenetic mineralization events by affecting proliferation and/or differentiation of dental cells. Tuftelin belongs to the enamel associated teeth...

(2019) | Journal of Molecular Neuroscience
Alexander Lubotzky, Alex Lubotzky, MIKHAIL BELOLIPETSKY

In [BGLM] and [GLNP] it was conjectured that if H is a simple Lie group of real rank at least 2, then the number conjugacy classes (arithmetic) lattices in covolume most x x(?(H)+o(1)) log x/ where ?(H) an explicit constant computable from (absolute) root system H. [BLu] we disproved this conjecture. paper prove for groups conjecture actually true restrict to counting only non-uniform lattices.

(2019) | Israel Journal of Mathematics
anna belfercohen, Anna Belfer-Cohen, collin, daniel fernandes, gao, guy baroz, jonathan pritchard, mareike cordula stahlschmidt, mcdermott, Nino Jakeli, ron pinhasi, Tengiz Meshveliani, Zinovi Matskevich

Metagenomic analysis is a highly promising technique in paleogenetic research that allows of the complete genomic make-up sample. This has successfully been employed to archaeological sediments, but possible leaching DNA through sequence limits interpretation. We applied this ancient (aDNA) from Late Quaternary stalagmites two caves Western Georgia, Melouri Cave and Solkota. Stalagmites form closed systems, limiting effect leaching, can be...

(2019) | Scientific Reports
alon friedman, dana peery, daniela kaufer, erez hanael, guy barklein, lilach konstantin, maria elkin, ORIT CHAI, ronel veksler, Merav Shamir, vladimir senatorov
(2019) | Epilepsia
alexander harms, andrew camilli, annelies zinkernagel, Natalie Balaban, bree aldridge, bruce levin, christoph dehio, dan andersson, deborah hung, dirk bumann, gisela storz, james collins, jan michiels, jeanmarc ghigo, kim lewis, laurence van melderen, manwah tan, mark brynildsen, martin ackermann, matthias heinemann, nathalie balaban, sarah fortune, sophie helaine, tanel tenson, urs jenal, wolfdietrich hardt

In Figure 2b, the minimal duration for killing (MDK) 99% of tolerant cells was erroneously labelled as MDK99.99 instead MDK99. This has now been corrected in all versions Review. The publisher apologizes to authors and readers this error.

(2019) | Nature Reviews Microbiology
Daniel Barkan, bernhard grimm, miriam vanunu, patrick schall, pradip chakraborti, talihaviv reingewertz

M. tuberculosis (Mtb), which causes disease, continues to be a major global health threat. Correct identification of valid drug targets is important for the development novel therapeutics that would shorten current 6?9 month treatment regimen and target resistant bacteria. Methionine aminopeptidases (MetAP), remove N-terminal methionine from newly synthesized proteins, are essential in all life forms (eukaryotes prokaryotes). The MetAPs...

(2019) | Cells
charles kemp, naftali tishby, noga zaslavsky, terry regier, Naftali (Tali) Tishby

ABSTRACTColour naming across languages has traditionally been held to reflect the structure of colour perception. At same time, it often, and increasingly, suggested that may be shaped by patterns communicative need. However, much remains unknown about factors involved in need, how need interacts with perception, this interaction shape naming. Here, we engage these open questions building on general information-theoretic principles. We...

(2019) | Cognitive Neuropsychology
benny horwitz, David Greenberg, Jonathan Huppert, ran littman
(2019) | Mental Health, Religion & Culture
adi turjeman, hagai raanan, isaac kedem, Aaron Kaplan, Michal Bronstein, nadav oren, Omer Murik
(2019) | Molecular Ecology
ahlam barhoum, Rami Aqeilan, kyle kurek, lina jaber, Marco Galasso, omer, rania akkawi, saleh khawaled, vadim maximov, Eylon Yavin , Zaidoun Salah

Osteosarcoma (OS) is an aggressive malignancy affecting mostly children and adolescents. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in OS development progression. Here we found that miR-16-1* miR-16-2* 9passenger9 strands as well the 9lead9 miR-16 strand possess strong tumor suppressive functions human OS. We report different although strongly overlapping for cells. Ectopic expression of these miRNAs affected primary growth, metastasis seeding,...

(2019) | International Journal of Cancer
Assaf Vardi, david pilzer, miguel frada, ron rotkopf, Shilo Rosenwaser, shilo rosenwasser, uri sheyn

Infection by large dsDNA viruses can lead to a profound alteration of host transcriptome and metabolome in order provide essential building blocks support the high metabolic demand for viral assembly egress. Host response infection typically diverse phenotypic outcome that include shift life cycle activation anti-viral defense response. Nevertheless, there is major bottleneck discern between hijacking strategies responses when averaging bulk...

(2019) | PLOS Pathogens
ariel rapaport, Mike Hochman, michael hochman

We prove that if $\mu$ is a self-affine measure in the plane whose defining IFS acts totally irreducibly on $\mathbb{RP}^1$ and satisfies an exponential separation condition, then its dimension equal to Lyapunov dimension. also treat class of reducible systems. This extends our previous work subject with Barany overlapping case.

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.09812
gavrielov, iachello, leviatan, Amiram Leviatan

We introduce the notion of intertwined quantum phase transitions (IQPTs), for which shape-changes and configuration-changes in ground state a system are intertwined. demonstrate relevance IQPTs to Zr isotopes, where one most complex situations encountered nuclear physics occurs, with coexisting Type I II transitions, shapes changing from spherical prolate axially deformed finally gamma-unstable. Comparison experimental data provides first...

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.09919
annalisa pillepich, dale kocevski, Avishai Dekel, dylan nelson, ena choi, lars hernquist, mark vogelsberger, melanie habouzit, michaela hirschmann, paul torrey, rachel somerville, rainer weinberger, shy genel, volker springel

We study the connection between active galactic nuclei (AGN) and their host galaxies through cosmic time in large-scale cosmological IllustrisTNG simulations. first compare BH properties, i.e. hard X-ray luminosity function, AGN galaxy occupation fraction, distribution of Eddington ratios, to available observational constraints. The simulations produce a population BHs good agreement with observations, but we note an excess faint (L_x ~...

(2019) | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
arjen van der wel, daniel ceverino, david koo, Avishai Dekel, faber, haowen zhang, jerome fang, joel primack, lin lin, yicheng guo, yuyen chang, zhu chen

We model the projected b/a-log a distributions of CANDELS main sequence star-forming galaxies, where (b) is semi-major (semi-minor) axis galaxy images. find that smaller-a galaxies are rounder at all stellar masses M and redshifts, so we include when analyzing b/a distributions. Approximating intrinsic shapes as triaxial ellipsoids assuming multivariate normal distribution size two shape parameters, construct their to obtain fractions...

(2019) | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Nir Bar-Gill, connor hart, erik bauch, jennifer schloss, john barry, junghyun lee, linh pham, matthew turner, nir bargill, ronald walsworth, susanne yelin, swati singh

We present a combined theoretical and experimental study of solid-state spin decoherence in an electronic bath, focusing specifically on ensembles nitrogen vacancy (NV) color centers diamond the associated substitutional bath. perform measurements NV free induction decay times $T_2^*$ spin-echo coherence $T_2$ 25 samples with concentrations [N] ranging from 0.01 to 300\,ppm. introduce microscopic model numerical simulations quantitatively...

(2019) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.08763
Tal Jonathan-Zamir, maia zisso, michal dayan, tal jonathanzamir, David Weisburd

Studies have identified that police officers often support and value evidence-based policing (EBP), but nevertheless prefer relying on experience when making decisions. Yet, scholars paid little attention to the generality of this proclivity, psychological mechanisms behind it, or its implications for implementing EBP. The present study illuminates phenomenon. We review foundations use a survey high-ranking from Israel Police examine...

(2019) | Criminal Justice and Behavior
Alexander Khain, Mark Pinsky

AbstractEntrainment-mixing process leads to formation of cloud-environment interface zone, consisting the cloud dilution zone where liquid water content decreases as distance from interior increases, and a humid shell with higher humidity in comparison dry environment. The time evolution location width these zones is analyzed by solving diffusion-evaporation equation for open region vicinity - air interface. Upon normalization problem reduced...

(2019) | Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences