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(2018) | Proceedings of the 30th on Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures
a bendavid, christine j nicol, h harazy, h r whay, Eyal Klement, lorenz gygax, Roi Mandel

ABSTRACT Lameness in dairy cattle is a common welfare problem with significant economic implications. All too often, appropriate treatment delayed or neglected due to insufficient detection of lame cows. Brush usage considered low-resilience activity; that is, one typically decreases when energy resources are limited the cost involved activity increases, such as during sickness and stress. The aim this study was determine association between...

(2018) | Journal of Dairy Science
andrea honscheid, arndt borkhardt, bernhardt fleckenstein, cyrill schipp, daniel schafer, h j laws, kirsten bienemann, michael gombert, natalia simanovsky, nathalie assayagasherie, polina stepensky, prasad t oommen, schafiq nabhani, sebastian ginzel, shlomit kfirerenfeld, shoshana revelvilk, ute fischer, Eitan Yefenof

The nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide gene enhancer in B-cells 1 (NF-?B1) is a master regulator immune and inflammatory responses.[1][1],[2][2] NF-?B1 belongs to the NF-?B/Rel family transcription factors that consists five members humans: (p105/p50), NF-?B2 (p100/p52

(2016) | Haematologica
arthur machlenkin, aviad pato, galit eisenberg, michal lotem, Roni Engelstein, ronny uzana, sharon merims, shoshana frankenburg, tamar peretz, Eitan Yefenof
(2015) | PLOS ONE

The Israeli law system reflects a mixed legal culture, in the sense that it cannot be culturally included exclusively any particular tradition. mixture based on influences of various traditions, especially English law, European and American law. In particular, influence these three including can found tax as well. multi-cultural structure has been built gradually political, economic social effects. common approach argues culture does not have...

(1994) |
d pfister, marc ringelhan, Mathias Heikenwalder, Eli Pikarsky, tracy o connor

In contrast to most other malignancies, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which accounts for approximately 90% of primary liver cancers, arises almost exclusively in the setting chronic inflammation. Irrespective etiology, a typical sequence necroinflammation, compensatory regeneration, induction fibrosis and subsequent cirrhosis often precedes hepatocarcinogenesis. The is central immunomodulator that ensures organ systemic protection while...

(2018) | Nature Immunology
a a khamzin, a greenbaum, Yuri Feldman, i i popov, ivan v lunev, yuri gusev

Based on the idea of defect migration as principal mechanism in dielectric relaxation ice Ih, concept low-temperature dynamic crossover was proposed. It is known that at high temperatures, diffusion Bjerrum and ionic defects their movement may be considered to independent. Simple switching between these two mechanisms leads a ?235 K. By introducing coupling defects, it possible describe smooth bend time low temperatures Ih. However, because...

(2017) | Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Speech provides a fascinating window into brain processes. It is understood effortlessly, and despite huge variability, manifests both within across speakers. also stable reliable carrier of linguistic meaning, complex intricate as it may be. How speech encoded decoded has puzzled those seeking to understand how the extracts sense from an ambiguous, noisy environment (see figure). On page 1006 in this issue, Mesgarani et al. ( 1 ) demonstrate...

(2014) | Science
aaron t wolf, Itay Fischhendler, gabriel eckstein

International water agreements are often used as mechanisms for fostering and institutionalizing political cooperation. Yet, since resources in many places being driven to the edge of their natural limits, a number international organizations have formulated legal principles norms aimed at helping states resolve disputes. While been urged adopt these principles, it seems that they embrace other less-traditional alternatives may better address...

(2016) |
Shlomo Magdassi, roy marrach, Vitaly Gutkin, yitzchak s rosen
(2019) | Advanced materials and technologies
Micki Eisenman, Michal Frenkel, Varda Wasserman

This paper focuses on aesthetic communication-communication based attributes-color, size, shape, ornamentation, or texture, for example -in the context of organizational communication. We argue that communication is potent because, when done effectively, it leads message receivers, such as organization?s various stakeholders, employees, customers, etc., to accept an natural and obvious. Our theorizes conditions render effective in this...

(2016) | Academy of Management Proceedings
david lankri, Dmitry Tsvelikhovsky, yelena mostinski

Spiranoid lactone structures can frequently be observed as scaffold segments of various biochemical compounds and drugs natural origin. Examples these have been identified among terpenoids, alkaloids, steroids, carbohydrates, many other products. Such a broad diversity biological activity allows wide spectrum systems to attractive targets for synthetic medicinal chemists. Covering recognized approaches toward the design spirolactones...

(2017) | Synthesis
hesham taha, Aaron Lewis, patricia hamra, rimma dekhter, yossi bardavid
(2016) | Bulletin of the American Physical Society
Offer Kella, marc yor

We establish a local martingale M associate with (X;Y ) where X is suciently nice Markov process andY of bounded variation (on compact intervals). This generalizes both Dynkin?s formula for processes and the Lebesgue-Stieltjes integration (change variable) (right continuous) functions variation. When further, relatively easily veriable conditions are assumed then this Martingale becomes an L 2 martingale. Convergence product some...

(2017) | Journal of Applied Probability
asaph shamir, aviv gabbay, Shmuel Peleg

When video is shot in noisy environment, the voice of a speaker seen can be enhanced using visible mouth movements, reducing background noise. While most existing methods use audio-only inputs, improved performance obtained with our visual speech enhancement, based on an audio-visual neural network. We include training data videos to which we added target as Since audio input not sufficient separate from his own voice, trained model better...

(2018) | Interspeech 2018
daphna hacker, Michal Frenkel, yael braudobahat

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(2015) |