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Jay Fineberg, Gil Cohen, itamar kolvin

In brittle soft materials, topological defects determine fracture propagation and faceted patterning.

(2018) | Nature Materials
Noam Shoval, Maya Tamir, yonatan schvimer

Abstract Recent technological advancements?most notably the proliferation of tracking technologies (GPS), real-time surveying techniques, and ambulatory sensing?have allowed researchers to advance empirical investigation interaction between space emotion. Over past few years, two approaches assessment spatial-emotional interactions have emerged: emotion using subjective self-reported measures exploration objective physiological emotional...

(2018) | Cities
dov weinberger, Ron Ofri, shai sandalon, tami livnat, tilda barliya

Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate an innovative approach for closing retinal tears using DuraSeal? (DS) hydrogel sealant in a rabbit model. Methods: Retinal detachment with small tear performed on 20 New Zealand rabbits. Thereafter, rabbits were divided into two groups; the experimental group received transscleral injection 0.1 ml DS subretinal space whereas control sham saline. Eyes clinically evaluated indirect ophthalmoscopy,...

(2018) | Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
amos zemel, Yacov Tsur

Abstract We study water management in the context of a prototypical economy containing main sources and user sectors. A policy consists allocation from each source to sector at point time as well capital investments needed carry out these allocations. show that optimal brings stocks (infrastructure equipment) well-specified turnpike processes rapidly possible evolves along turnpikes thereafter, eventually converging unique steady state....

(2018) | Water Resources and Economics
Pavel Chigansky, fima klebaner, peter jagers

Real time, or quantitative, PCR typically starts from a very low concentration of initial DNA strands. During iterations the numbers increase, first essentially by doubling, later predominantly in linear way. Observation number molecules experiment becomes possible only when it is substantially larger than numbers, and then possibly affected randomness individual replication. Can copy still be determined? This classical problem and, indeed,...

(2018) | Journal of Mathematical Biology
assaf marron, david harel, Guy Katz, rami marelly

A broad, long-term research project is described, which will lead to the computer becoming an equal member of system-development team, continuously making proactive contributions, akin those expected from experienced and knowledgeable customer or user, a conscientious QA engineer, strict regulatory auditor, engineering -team leader, organization?s CTO. The web extra at describes authors? novel ?wise computing?...

(2018) | IEEE Computer
Moshe Levy, Richard Roll

Performance measures such as alpha and the Sharpe ratio are typically based on sample returns net of fees. This implies same weighing to However, return parameters noisy estimates true parameters, while fees known with certainty. Thus, intuition suggests that should be given more weight than returns. The authors formalize this intuition, derive optimal overweighing They show resulting generalized performance better predictors future standard...

(2018) | The Journal of Portfolio Management
bronwyn lucas, Liran Carmel, Eitan Lavi, hana cho, keita miyoshi, lily shiue, lynne maquat, manuel ares, mikiko siomi, sol katzman

Primate-specific Alu short interspersed elements (SINEs) as well rodent-specific B and ID (B/ID) SINEs can promote Staufen-mediated decay (SMD) when present in mRNA 3?-untranslated regions (3?-UTRs). The transposable nature of SINEs, their presence long noncoding RNAs, interactions with Staufen, rapid divergence different evolutionary lineages suggest they could have generated substantial modification posttranscriptional gene-control networks...

(2018) | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
dan arbell, Gregory Barshtein, Saul Yedgar

Red blood cell (RBC) transfusion is a life-saving procedure whose primary objective to sustain tissue and organ oxygenation. However, there growing concern regarding the risks in of packed red cells (PRBC), as numerous studies have reported negative outcomes, including reduced perfusion. RBC unique flow-affecting properties, specifically adherence vessel wall endothelium, deformability, self-aggregability, which define their hemodynamic...

(2018) | Frontiers in Physiology
erez peterfreund, Matan Gavish

Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) is a classical technique for embedding data in low dimensions, still widespread use today. Originally introduced the 1950's, MDS was not designed with high-dimensional mind; while it remains popular analysis practitioners, no doubt should be adapted to regime. In this paper we study under modern setting, and specifically, high dimensions ambient measurement noise. We show that, as noise level increase, suffers...

(2018) | arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.10229
dulkin, jenia tiagunova, mojaev, roth, Michael Roth

[001] lead free relaxor ferroelectrics crystals of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3?0.06BaTiO3 were studied by means dielectric and acoustic emission methods in the temperature range 25?240??C under a dc bias electric field up to 0.4?kV/cm. A maximum constant was found near 170??C, as well bursts pointed out both depolarization 120??C temperature, corresponding constant, 170??C. While increased linearly, shown exhibit V-shape behavior an field: it initially...

(2018) | Journal of Applied Physics

This article examines the application of insights from behavioral economics to area international law. It reviews unique challenges facing such and demonstrates contribution findings understanding lawmaking, use nudges, states? practices in arena. ?In sphere first highlights experimental game theory customary then analyzes psychological mechanisms underpinning advancement treaty law through deadlines, grandfather provisions, deferred...

(2018) |
abdullahi ali, adam ford, adam kane, agnieszka sergiel, aidin niamir, alessandra bertassoni, andre chiaradia, andrew allen, atle mysterud, bart kranstauber, benedikt gehr, bjorn reineking, bram van moorter, bruce patterson, buuveibaatar bayarbaatar, catherine markham, chloe bracis, christen fleming, christer moe rolandsen, christian hof, christina fischer, christopher rosenberry, christopher wilmers, claudia fichtel, constanca camiloalves, daniel rubenstein, danielle brown, david wattles, dean beyer, dejid nandintsetseg, duane diefenbach, duncan kimuyu, edward hurme, eliezer gurarie, emilia patricia medici, enkhtuvshin shiilegdamba, erling solberg, evelyn merrill, filip zieba, flavia koch, florian jeltsch, floris van beest, francesca cagnacci, george wittemyer, guilherme miranda mourao, hall sawyer, hattie bartlambrooks, iain douglashamilton, ilya fischhoff, jacob goheen, jake wall, janssen, jenny mattisson, jerrold belant, joao silva, john fryxell, john linnell, john odden, john wilson, julian fennessy, justin calabrese, kamran safi, katrin bohninggaese, kirk olson, laura bidner, luca pedrotti, luiz gustavo oliveirasantos, lynne isbell, marco heurich, mark hebblewhite, mark hewison, marlee tucker, martin rimmler, martin wikelski, matthew kauffman, Ran Nathan, navinder singh, nico bruyn, nicolas morellet, niels blaum, niels martin schmidt, nina attias, nir sapir, nuria selva, olav strand, Orr Spiegel, pascual lopezlopez, peter kappeler, peter leimgruber, petra kaczensky, robert hara, rogerio cunha paula, roland kays, ronaldo goncalves morato, samuel diazmunoz, sarah davidson, scott lapoint, simon chamaillejammes, siva sundaresan, sonia said, stephen blake, stephen destefano, susan alberts, susanne fritz, tal avgar, thomas morrison, thomas mueller, todd dennis, tomasz zwijaczkozica, tracey rogers, ugo mellone, ulrich voigt, wiebke ullmann, william fagan, wolfgang fiedler

Animal movement is fundamental for ecosystem functioning and species survival, yet the effects of anthropogenic footprint on animal movements have not been estimated across species. Using a unique GPS-tracking database 803 individuals 57 species, we found that mammals in areas with comparatively high human were average one-half to one-third extent their low footprint. We attribute this reduction behavioral changes individual animals exclusion...

(2018) | Science
dan, Ori Gidron, hong meng, jingsheng miao, xiuru

Flexible, stretchable electroluminescent fibers are of significance to meet the escalating requirements increasing complexity and multifunctionality smart electronics. We report a alternating current (ACEL) fiber by low-cost all solution-processed scalable process. The ACEL provides high stretchability, decent light-emitting performance, with excellent stability nearly zero hysteresis. It can be stretched up 80% strain. Our device maintained...

(2018) | Materials
berta levavisivan, Chaim Gilon, Berta Levavi-Sivan

antagonistas de neurocinina a base peptideos reproducao peixes sao divulgados. as composicoes que compreendem os e metodos inibir ou retardar puberdade, maturacao dos processos utilizando estes compostos tambem fornecidos.

(2018) |
Oron Shagrir, William Bechtel

A key component of scientific inquiry, especially inquiry devoted to developing mechanistic explanations, is delineating the phenomenon be explained. The task phenomena, however, has not been sufficiently analyzed, even by new philosophers science. We contend that Marr?s characterization what he called computational level (CL) provides a valuable resource for understanding involved in phenomena. Unfortunately, distinctive feature level, his...

(2018) |
Alexander Thompson, Tomer Broude, Yoram Haftel

Regulatory space has become one of the buzzwords debate on international investment protection law. Critics claim that law unduly constrains states? regulatory space. Proponents contend claim. This article analyzes state sensitivity to constraints from a comparative perspective, basis quantitative analysis textual coding investor-state dispute settlement provisions in renegotiated bilateral treaties.?

(2018) | Social Science Research Network
chengcheng, shaojie, wenzhao wang, xianyun sun, Oded Yarden, zhou

Fungi transcriptionally upregulate expression of azole efflux pumps and ergosterol biosynthesis pathway genes when exposed to antifungal agents that target biosynthesis. To date, these transcriptional responses have been shown be dependent on the presence azoles and/or depletion ergosterol. Using an inducible promoter regulate Neurospora crassa erg11, which encodes major target, sterol 14?-demethylase, we were able demonstrate CDR4 pump can...

(2018) | Frontiers in Microbiology