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adi karschbluman, Amnon Peled, Ofra Benny, bryan burt, david sugarbaker, david yoon, devel laurent, dive vincent, ezra ella, gail amir, hanna wald, hyunsung lee, michal abraham, ori wald, shapira, Uzi Izhar, yaniv harel

Abstract Objective Past studies are inconsistent with regard to the role of matrix metalloproteinase 12 in lung tumorigenesis. This is due, part, differential tumorigenesis based on tumor-derived versus immune-derived expression. Our study aims thoroughly dissect Methods We tested expression and association prognosis using a tissue array published non?small cell cancer gene database. In addition, we characterized contribution tumor...

(2018) | The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Gilad Benjamin Bachrach, gilad bachrach, jawad abed, Ofer Mandelboim

Provided are compositions and methods of targeting imaging or therapeutic agents to cancer sites using Fap2. Also provided treating by inhibiting the complexing Fusobacterium nucleatum Fap2 Gal-GalNAc molecules expressed on cells.

(2018) |
Shimshon Belkin, jiyen cheng, weichen kao

We present a rapid and simple approach for sensitive detection of antibiotic residues in food samples based on luminescence induction by live bacterial sensor strains integrated into CCD-based lens-free optical analyzer (LumiSense). Using ciprofloxacin as model antibiotic, we demonstrate response times between 20 80 min, thresholds 8 ng/mL milk, egg white, chicken essence, 64 yolk. These values are below the minimal allowed defined European...

(2018) | Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
alexander alexandrovich, galit gincberg, Philip Lazarovici, Esther Shohami, uriel elchalal, Victoria Trembovler

Abstract Background aims Human umbilical cord blood (HUCB) is an important source of stem cells for therapy hematopoietic disorders and a potential various neurological disorders, including traumatic brain injury (TBI). The expression nerve growth factor (NGF) its receptors TrkA, p75 NTR ?9?1 integrin on HUCB CD45 + pan-hematopoietic subpopulation was investigated in the context neurotherapeutic after TBI. Methods NGF were detected by reverse...

(2018) | Cytotherapy
Adi Lahiani, annette brandyavin, ephraim yavin, Philip Lazarovici

This review surveys the efforts taken to investigate in vitro neuroprotective features of synthetic compounds and cell-released growth factors on PC12 clonal cell line temporarily deprived oxygen glucose followed by reoxygenation (OGD/R). These cells have been used previously mimic some properties vivo brain ischemia-reperfusion-injury (IRI) instrumental identifying common mechanisms such as calcium overload, redox potential, lipid...

(2018) | Brain Sciences
Raz Kupferman, maor, ron rosenthal

We present a homogenization theorem for isotropically-distributed point defects, by considering sequence of manifolds with increasingly dense defects. The loci the defects are chosen randomly according to weighted Poisson process, making it continuous version first passage percolation model. show that converges smooth Riemannian manifold, while Levi-Civita connections converge non-metric connection on limit manifold. Thus, we obtain...

(2018) | Israel Journal of Mathematics
eran nizri, Sara Eyal, francesco marchegiani, guy lahat, jacques marescaux, joseph klausner, liraz larush, Shlomo Magdassi, michele diana, noam goder, yael friedmanlevi

Background?Iatrogenic ureteral injury is an increasing concern in the laparoscopic era, affecting both patient morbidity and costs. Current techniques enabling intraoperative identification require invasive procedures or radiations. Our aim was to develop a real-time, non-invasive, radiation-free method visualize ureters, based on near-infrared (NIR) imaging. For this purpose, we interfered with biliary excretion pathway of indocyanine green...

(2018) | Surgical Endoscopy and Other Interventional Techniques
Simon Emmanuel, Mordechai Stein, norbert nowaczyk, Ron Shaar, yael ebert
(2018) | Geology
Victor Lavy, natalia danzer

This article investigates whether schooling outcomes at age 15 are affected by the duration of maternity leave, i.e. time mothers spend home with their new?? born before returning to work. We exploit an unanticipated reform in Austria which extended maximum paid and job protected parental leave from 12 24? months for births as 1 July, 1990. Using PISA data cohorts 1990 1987, we find no significant overall impact extension on standardised test...

(2018) | The Economic Journal
Dalia Berlin, Tal Raz, Amir Steinman

Abstract The aim of this prospective study was to investigate possible endocrine components foal rejection behaviour in post-partum Arabian mares. mares were divided into two groups based on their maternal behaviour: (1) with normal post-parturient (8 mares); and (2) that demonstrated foal-rejecting (15 mares). Most visited sampled twice, the first third days post-partum. Serum samples used for measurement progesterone, oestradiol prolactin...

(2018) | Veterinary Journal
roth, Zvi Roth

ABSTRACT Stress can affect reproductive performance of lactating cows by targeting the ovarian pool follicles and their enclosed oocytes. Among documented stressors are heat stress (i.e., high temperature-humidity index) as well environmental food toxins. Oocytes collected during hot season lower quality than those in winter, expressed reduced oocyte maturation developmental competence. A similar pattern has been reported for oocytes exposed...

(2018) | Journal of Dairy Science
Aharon Weissbrod, daniel amir, eitan livne, Yael Helman, idan frumin, igor kviatkovski, lavi secundo, noam sobel, sagit shushan, yahav oron

Abstract Improved easy-to-use diagnostic tools for infections are in strong demand worldwide. Yet, despite dramatic advances technologies, the gold-standard remains culturing. Here we offer an alternative tool demonstrating that a bacterial biosensor can efficiently detect Pseudomonas aeruginosa patients suffering from otitis externa. Detection was based on specific binding between and 2-aminoacetophenone (2-AA), volatile produced by P. high...

(2018) | Journal of Biotechnology
david speca, elva diaz, george chenaux, jacqueline crawley, jill silverman, johannes hell, kristopher plambeck, kyle puhger, lucas matt, lyndsey kirk, michael pride, mohammad qneibi, Yael Stern-Bach, Tomer Haham, yael sternbach

Summary Altering AMPA receptor (AMPAR) content at synapses is a key mechanism underlying the regulation of synaptic strength during learning and memory. Previous work demonstrated that SynDIG1 (synapse differentiation-induced gene 1) encodes transmembrane AMPAR-associated protein regulates excitatory synapse number. Here we show related SynDIG4 (also known as Prrt1) modifies AMPAR gating properties in subunit-dependent manner. Young knockout...

(2018) | Cell Reports

Over the past four decades, more developed countries have experienced a marked decline in marriage rates of both men and women. The reasons for remain debated issue. Three explanations predict that is period effect, while two it birth cohort effect. To determine whether or this study performed an age-period-cohort analysis. Using data from Israel, our results show replacement factors were important. Until 1990-94 was whereas after We conclude...

(2018) | European Journal of Population-revue Europeenne De Demographie
anatoly khina, ashish khisti, Yuval Kochman

The problem of sending a secret message over the Gaussian multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wiretap channel is studied. While capacity this known, it not clear how to construct optimal coding schemes that achieve capacity. In paper, we use linear operations along with successive interference cancellation attain effective parallel single-antenna channels. By using independent scalar codebooks resulting channels, MIMO achieved. derivation...

(2018) | IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Rotem Karni, Zahava Siegfried

One of the major challenges in cancer treatment today is that many patients develop resistance to therapeutic agents, resulting failure. Alternative splicing can significantly alter coding region drug targets. Here, we highlight several reports provide key examples alternative events occur various cancers and play a role therapy. These present prime targets for future study development modulation Modulation has recently been approved as...

(2018) | Current Opinion in Genetics & Development
Daniel Harries, Hillary Voet, natalie ben abu, Masha Niv

Abstract Dramatic increase in NaCl consumption lead to sodium intake beyond health guidelines. KCl substitution helps reduce but results a bitter-metallic off-taste. Two disaccharides, trehalose and sucrose, were tested order untangle the chemical (increase effective concentration of due sugar addition) from sensory effects. The taste was reduced by these sugars, while saltiness enhanced or unaltered. perceived sweetness sugar, regardless its...

(2018) | Food Chemistry
David Zilberman, federico castillo, Amir Heiman, keith gilless

This paper considers the adoption of institutional innovations by not for profit organizations, an issue that can be considered in context extensive literature on technological innovation firms. The specific is offices technology transfer (OTT)?the organization assemble and disclose university negotiate enforce licenses with users these innovations. We propose a theoretical framework depart from previous studies focusing timing decision...

(2018) | Journal of Technology Transfer