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Andrew Howell, Assaf Horesh, Iair Arcavi

Every supernova so far observed has been considered to be the terminal explosion of a star. Moreover, all supernovae with absorption lines in their spectra show those lines decreasing in velocity over time, as the ejecta expand and thin, revealing slower-moving material that was previously hidden. In addition, every supernova that exhibits the absorption lines of hydrogen has one main light-curve peak, or a plateau in luminosity, lasting...

(2017) | nature international journal of science

Maximizing the revenue from selling more than one good (or item) to a single buyer is a notoriously difficult problem, in stark contrast to the one-good case. For two goods, we show that simple “one-dimensional” mechanisms, such as selling the goods separately, guarantee at least73% of the optimal revenue when the valuations of the two goods are independent and identically distributed, and at least 50% when they are independent.
For the case...

(2017) | ScienceDirect
Raphael Franck, Stelios Michalopoulos

During the French Revolution, more than 100,000 individuals, predominantly supporters of the Old Regime, fled France. As a result, some areas experienced a significant change in the composition of the local elites whereas in others the pre-revolutionary social structure remained virtually intact. In this study, we trace the consequences of the émigrés' flight on economic performance at the local level. We instrument emigration intensity with...

(2017) | NBER
and Dennis E. Discher, Avathamsa Athirasala, Amnon Buxboim, Florian Rehfeldt, Jae-Won Shin, Jerome Irianto, Joe Swift

Matrix stiffness that is sensed by a cell or measured by a purely physical probe reflects the intrinsic elasticity of the matrix and also how thick or thin the matrix is. Here, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and their nuclei spread in response to thickness-corrected matrix microelasticity, with increases in nuclear tension and nuclear stiffness resulting from increases in myosin-II and lamin-A,C. Linearity between the widely varying projected...

(2017) | SSPA

This article highlights the development and design of the modern French feeding bottle, created during the nineteenth century, an era in which modern consumerism coincided with the medicalisation of childhood. Three main reasons elucidate this transition: growing concern for children, the failure to abolish wet-nursing, and the rise of the commodity society. Based on hundreds of feeding bottles, advertisements, pharmaceutical catalogues and...

(2017) | oxford academic
Eitan Grossman, Haim Dubossarsky, Daphna Weinshall

This article evaluates three proposed laws of semantic change. Our claim is that in order to validate a putative law of semantic change, the effect should be observed in the genuine condition but absent or reduced in a suitably matched control condition, in which no change can possibly have taken place. Our analysis shows that the effects reported in recent literature must be substantially revised: (i) the proposed negative correlation...

(2017) | Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)

With recent advances in sequencing technology, it is now feasible to measure DNA methylation at tens of millions of sites across the entire genome. In most applications, biologists are interested in detecting differentially methylated regions, composed of multiple sites with differing methylation levels among populations. However, current computational approaches for detecting such regions do not provide accurate statistical inference. A...

(2017) | CSH
Ankit Single, Asaf Valadarsky, Gal Shahaf, Michael Schapira, Simon Kassing

Recent studies have observed that large data center networks often have a few hotspots while most of the network is underutilized. Consequently, numerous data center network designs have explored the approach of identifying these communication hotspots in real-time and eliminating them by leveraging flexible optical or wireless connections to dynamically alter the network topology. These proposals are based on the premise that statically...

(2017) | SIGCOMM 17
Leo Joskowicz, Medan G

This paper describes a new method for imageless needle and patient tracking in interventional CT procedures based on fractional CT scanning. Our method accurately locates a needle with a spherical marker attached to it at a known distance from the tip with respect to the patient in the CT scanner coordinate frame with online sparse scan sampling and without reconstructing the CT image. The key principle of our method is to detect the needle...

(2017) | IEEE Trans Med Imaging
Joel Chan, Dafna Shahaf, Tom Hope

The availability of large idea repositories (e.g., the U.S. patent database) could significantly accelerate innovation and discovery by providing people with inspiration from solutions to analogous problems. However, finding useful analogies in these large, messy, real-world repositories remains a persistent challenge for either human or automated methods. Previous approaches include costly hand-created databases that have high relational...

(2017) | ACM digital library
Ariel Ephrat, Jacob Sosna, Leo Joskowicz, Naama Lev-Cohain, Refael Vivanti

Radiological longitudinal follow-up of tumors in CT scans is essential for disease assessment and liver tumor therapy. Currently, most tumor size measurements follow the RECIST guidelines, which can be off by as much as 50%. True volumetric measurements are more accurate but require manual delineation, which is time-consuming and user-dependent. We present a convolutional neural networks (CNN) based method for robust automatic liver tumor...

(2017) | Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing

On February 23, 1938, a Jerusalem Military Court convicted Mustafa Mansour of the unlawful possession of a weapon and for opening fire at a bus. The prosecution's key witness tying Mansour to the shooting was, however, not human but canine. Due to darkness the police could not pursue the “brigands” immediately following the incident. They returned at dawn accompanied by Doberman Pinschers. The dogs tracked footprints from the crime scene to...

(2017) | Cambridge university press
Tamar Friedlander, Nicholas H. Barton Gašper Tkačik, Roshan Prizak

Gene expression is controlled by networks of regulatory proteins that interact specifically with external signals and DNA regulatory sequences. These interactions force the network components to co-evolve so as to continually maintain function. Yet, existing models of evolution mostly focus on isolated genetic elements. In contrast, we study the essential process by which regulatory networks grow: the duplication and subsequent specialization...

(2017) | Nature Communications

This article endeavours to bring to the English reader unpublished historical sources about Frankish figuers in the fourteenth century biographical dictionary al-Wāfī bil-wafayāt. This work, one of the largest biographical dictionaries in the history of the genre in Arabic, was written by Khalīl b. Aibak Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn, al-Ṣafadī who was born in 1297 to a Mamluk father and a respected amir of the Mamluk military troops in Ṣafad....

(2017) | Mediterranean Historical Review
Elazar Goldenberg, Irit Dinur, Guy Kindler, Roee David

The $k$-fold direct sum encoding of a string $a \in \{0,1\}^n$ is a function $f_a$ that takes as input sets $S \subseteq [n]$ of size $k$ and outputs $f_a(S) = \sum_{i \in S} a_i \pmod 2$. In this paper we prove a direct sum testing theorem. We describe a three query test that accepts with probability one any function of the form $f_a$ for some $a$ and rejects with probability $\Omega(\varepsilon)$ functions $f$ that are $\varepsilon$-far...

(2017) | SIAM

According to a posteriori ethical intuitionism (AEI), perceptual experiences can provide non‐inferential justification for at least some moral beliefs. Moral epistemology, for the defender of AEI, is less like the epistemology of math and more like the epistemology of tables and chairs. One serious threat to AEI comes from the phenomenon of cognitive penetration. The worry is that even if evaluative properties could figure in the contents...

(2017) | Wiley Online Library

In a chapter of his Autobiography devoted to the ideas and persona of Moses Mendelssohn, Salomon Maimon addresses Mendelssohn’s famous claim that Judaism possesses “revealed laws” but “no revealed doctrinal opinions.” Maimon expresses initial agreement with Mendelssohn, claiming that he shared with his one-time mentor on the Berlin Enlightenment scene of the late eighteenth-century the view that “Jewish religious laws” amount to “the...

(2017) | Springer Link
Matan Gavish, Marina Haikin, Ram Zamir

We draw a random subset of kk rows from a frame with nn rows (vectors) and mm columns (dimensions), where kk and mm are proportional to nn. For a variety of important deterministic equiangular tight frames (ETFs) and tight non-ETFs, we consider the distribution of singular values of the kk-subset matrix. We observe that, for large nn, they can be precisely described by a known probability distribution—Wachter’s MANOVA (multivariate ANOVA)...

(2017) | PNAS
Danny Ben-Shahar, Sharon Horsky, Naor Varsano, Yuval Arbel

This research is the first to explore the time-to-sell (TTS) and willingness to pay (WTP) in the context of green real estate. We employ unique data on transactions and household characteristics of owner-occupiers in newly developed green and conventionally built condominiums. We find that, after addressing the potential endogeneity between unit TTS and price, the average TTS of units in green, as compared to conventional, structures is...

(2017) | SSRN