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Amir Haze, Anat Blumenfeld, asher ornoy, dekel shilo, Dan Deutsch, koby goren, salem hanhan, shay sharon, yael gruenbaumcohen
(2019) | Journal of Experimental Zoology
alfred abedrabbo, antonis chatzinotas, ariel kushmaro, julia johnke, Edouard Jurkevitch, yossi cohen, Zohar Pasternak
(2019) | Environmental Microbiology
amichai perlman, ilan feldhamer, laurent azoulay, Ilan Matok, mendel glazer, mordechai muszkat, victoria rotshild

Background: It has been suggested that calcium channel blockers (CCBs) may increase the risk of lung cancer; however, current evidence is conflicting and limited. Objective: Investigate associations between CCB use cancer. Methods: We conducted a population-based nested case-control study. A cohort was formed patients prescribed their first antihypertensive agent from 2000 to 2014. exposure information obtained by identification all...

(2019) | Annals of Pharmacotherapy
alenkina, felner, Israel Felner, kuzmann, oshtrakh

Abstract Mossbauer spectra of Ferrifol ? measured at 295, 220, 140 and 90?K demonstrated non-Lorentzian two-peak which were better fitted using a superposition 5 quadrupole doublets with different splitting but similar isomer shift equal line width. Unusual broadening was observed in the this temperature range. This is consistent unusual already earlier (295?90?K) ferritin its pharmaceutical analogues Ferrum Lek Maltofer (Oshtrakh M.I....

(2019) | Journal of Molecular Structure

Abstract This review brings to the fore fast-growing and significant phenomenon of community private sector renewable energy partnerships, which constitute a fundamental building block global transformation. paper theoretizes on this issue by identifying six archetypes local community?private namely knowledge sharing, finance, consumption, land seeking, employment, lease architypes. These are discussed with relation key variables influencing...

(2019) | Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews
cristiano scotta, dianne cooper, eilam nir, einat nissimeliraz, federica marelliberg, fowzia ibrahim, giovanna lombardi, graham lord, jeremy sanderson, jonathan corcoran, nahum shpigel, paul lavender, peter irving, rimma goldberg, scott tasker, toby prevost

Background & Aims Crohn's disease (CD) is characterized by an imbalance of effector and regulatory T cells in the intestinal mucosa. The efficacy anti-adhesion therapies led us to investigate whether impaired trafficking T-regulatory (Treg) contributes pathogenesis CD. We also investigated proper function could be restored Treg ex?vivo expansion presence factors that activate their activities. Methods measured levels integrin ?4?7 on isolated...

(2019) | Gastroenterology
arie vinograd, eli zaady, Jaime Kigel

Abstract Traditional sheep grazing in natural and planted forests the Mediterranean basin is based on night penning seasonal corrals, where excreta accumulate instead of being returned to grazed range. Lack planning unawareness long-term effect abandoned corrals negatively affecting landscape value forests. We studied dynamics soil nutrients a chronosequence Eucalyptus two semi-arid sites Israel. Dung decomposition was slow process lasting...

(2019) | Journal of Arid Environments
asher strauss, Jonathan Huppert, yogev kivity

Abstract Emotion regulation (ER) has been incorporated into many models of psychopathology, but it not examined directly in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for panic disorder with agoraphobia (PD/A). In this study, a preliminary model ER CBT PD/A is proposed based on existing theories, and several propositions the are tested. We hypothesized that increases reappraisal would precede decreases biased cognitions, expressive suppression follow...

(2019) | Behavior Therapy

The perceptual organization of pitch is frequently described as helical, with a monotonic dimension height and circular chroma, accounting for the repeating structure octave. Although neural representation widely studied, way in which chroma manifested activity currently debated. We tested automaticity processing using MMN?an ERP component indexing automatic detection deviations from auditory regularity. Musicians trained to classify pure or...

(2019) | Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Bat Sheva Kerem, Batsheva Kerem, michal ironytur sinai
(2019) | Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer
ahmad haj, daniella militianu, orly eshach, rana swedtobia, sarit ravid, Ram Weiss, yonatan butbul aviel

Abstract Background Some children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have highly specific food selectivity and therefore are prone to nutritional deficiencies of different kinds. Patients We document three ASD who presented refusal walk gingivitis underwent comprehensive evaluations before establishing the diagnosis vitamin C deficiency (scurvy). The symptoms resolved after treatment C. Conclusions Prevention in is essential, providing...

(2019) | Pediatric Neurology
aharon bar hillel, ariel telpaz, gila kamhi, naftali tishby, ron hecht, Naftali (Tali) Tishby
(2019) | ICASSP 2019 - 2019 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP)
dan yakir, didier bert, eyal rotenberg, fyodor tatarinov, itzhak moshe, jerome ogee, jose gruenzweig, jose grunzweig, lisa wingate, nir her, shani rohatyn, tamir klein, yakir preisler
(2019) | Functional Ecology
atira bick, Ram Frost, henry brice, jay rueckl, kenneth pugh, mencl, stephen frost

Abstract Recent evidence has shown that convergence of print and speech processing across a network primarily left-hemisphere regions the brain is predictor future reading skills in children, marker fluent ability adults. The present study extends these findings into domain second-language (L2) literacy, through imaging data English Hebrew L2 learners. Participants received an fMRI scan, while performing semantic judgement task on spoken...

(2019) | Journal of Neurolinguistics
eitan kroizer, hanna achache, hasan ishtayeh, levana laurent, monica colaiacovo, Yonatan Tzur, yael heckermimoun, yisrael rappaport

During meiosis, a series of evolutionarily conserved events allow for reductional chromosome division, which is required sexual reproduction. Although individual meiotic processes have been extensively studied, we currently know far less about how meiosis regulated and coordinated. In the Caenorhabditis elegans gonad, mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling drives oogenesis while undergoing spatial activation deactivation waves....

(2019) | Genetics
jonathan bardavid, Uriel Levy, noa mazurski
(2019) | IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
binyamin, Moshe Haviv, ilze ziedins, raneetha vasundara abeywickrama

Abstract We consider an unobservable M/G/1 accumulating priority queue where homogeneous customers choose one of a finite number classes. show that there are either or two pure Nash equilibrium strategies. In the latter case they consecutive classes and exists strategy mixing between these find best-response function it is unimodal, with follow-the-crowd avoid-the-crowd instances.

(2019) | Operations Research Letters
achenbach, arenhovel, ashkenazi, bericic, bohm, bosnar, brecelj, cohen, debenjak, distler, esser, friscic, gilman, izraeli, kolar, korover, lichtenstadt, mardor, merkel, middleton, mihovilovic, muller, olivenboim, paul, piasetzky, pochodzalla, ron, Guy Ron, schlimme, schoth, schulz, sfienti, sirca, stajner, strauch, thiel, tyukin, weber, yaron

Abstract A comparison between polarization-transfer to a bound proton in quasi-free kinematics by the ( e ? , ? p ) knockout reaction and that elastic scattering off free can provide information on characteristics of proton. In past reported measurements have been compared those with zero initial momentum. We introduce, for first time, expressions components when is initially motion compare them 2 H data measured at Mainz Microtron (MAMI)....

(2019) | Physics Letters B
david kowbel, diego luis delgadoalvarez, inbal herold, marisela gardunorosales, rosa mourinoperez, Oded Yarden

Abstract Impairment of the? Neurospora crassa ?COT-1 kinase results in defects hyphal polarity. Some these effects are partially suppressed by inactivation gul-1 (encoding an mRNA-binding protein involved translational regulation). Here, we report on the transcriptional profiling cot-1 and demonstrate that affects transcript abundance multiple genes COT-1 pathway, including processes such as cell wall remodeling, nitrogen amino acid...

(2019) | Fungal Genetics and Biology