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Eduard Belausov, ievgeniia ostrov, moshe shemesh, noa sela, Doron Steinberg

Abstract Biofilm-forming Bacillus species are often involved in contamination of dairy products and therefore present a major microbiological challenge the field food quality safety. In this study, we sequenced analyzed genomes milk- non-milk-derived strains, evaluated their biofilm-formation potential milk. Unlike non-dairy isolates, dairy-associated strains were characterized by formation robust submerged air?liquid interface biofilm...

(2019) | Food Microbiology
balanda, dubiel, felner, Israel Felner

Abstract Magnetization measurements were carried out in the field-cooled (FC) and zero-field-cooled (ZFC) conditions versus temperature, T, external magnetic field, H, on a sigma-phase Fe 47 Mo 53 compound. Analysis of measured M FC ZFC curves yielded values characteristic temperatures: ordering (Curie) T C , irreversibility ir temperature maximum m identified as N?el (T N ) cross-over co . Based these temperatures phase diagram H-T plane was...

(2019) | Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
antonella pizio, chunlian qin, dongxiao zhao, Einav Malach, hao wan, liquan huang, liujing zhuang, ning, Masha Niv, ping wang, yuxiang pan, zhen qin

Abstract Detection and identification of bitter compounds draw great attention in pharmaceutical food industry. Several well-known agonists specific taste receptors have been found to exhibit anti-cancer effects. For example, N-C=S-containing compounds, such as allyl-isothiocyanates, shown desirable benefits a cancer chemo-preventive drug. It is worth noting that human TAS2R38 receptor for containing N-C=S moiety. Here, bioinspired cell-based...

(2019) | Talanta
Aviv Mezer, shai berman, shir filo

Abstract Conduction of action potentials along myelinated axons is affected by their structural features, such as the axonal g-ratio, ratio between inner and outer diameters myelin sheath surrounding axon. The effect g-ratio variance on conduction properties has been quantitatively evaluated using single-axon models. It recently become possible to estimate a weighted measurement in vivo quantitative MRI. Nevertheless, it still unclear whether...

(2019) | NeuroImage
Matania Ben-Artzi, dalia fishelov, jeanpierre croisille, matania benartzi
(2019) | Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
dina schneidmanduhovny, Nir Kalisman, merav braitbard

Integrative structure modeling computationally combines data from multiple sources of information with the aim obtaining structural insights that are not revealed by any single approach alone. In first part this review, we survey commonly used and computational aspects model building. Throughout past decade, integrative was applied to various biological systems, a focus on large protein complexes. Recent progress in field cryo?electron...

(2019) | Annual Review of Biochemistry
Benchetrit H, Buganim Y, Yossi Buganim , Inbar M, Jaber M1 Zayat V, Kaplan T, Lasry R, Makedonski K, Maoz N, Pushett A, Radwan A, Ram O, Renous N, Sebban S, Zakheim Z

Following fertilization, totipotent cells undergo asymmetric cell divisions, resulting in three distinct cell types in the late pre-implantation blastocyst: epiblast (Epi), primitive endoderm (PrE), and trophectoderm (TE). Here, we aim to understand whether these three cell types can be induced from fibroblasts by one combination of transcription factors. By utilizing a sophisticated fluorescent knockin reporter system, we identified a...

(2019) | Cell Stem Cell.
amjad shhadeh, Gilad Benjamin Bachrach, bernhard singer, chamutal gur, gilad bachrach, Ofer Mandelboim, naseem maalouf, orit berhani

ABSTRACTFusobacterium nucleatum (F. nucleatum) is an oral anaerobe found to be enriched in colorectal cancer (CRC). Presence of F. CRC has been correlated with resistance chemotherapy and poor prognosis. We previously demonstrated that the Fap2 outer-surface protein binds activates human inhibitory receptor TIGIT which expressed by T Natural Killer (NK) cells, inhibits anti-tumor immunity. Here we show also CEACAM1 leading inhibition NK cells...

(2019) | OncoImmunology
aviva shimoni, Itamar Gati, tony gutentag

Abstract The goal of the present research was to assess individuals' aspect-based career preference cohesiveness. Cohesive preferences are well-defined and focused, high cohesiveness facilitates decision-making. Career aspects factors individuals consider during decision making, such as what major choose (e.g., length courses or programs, using analytical skills), college attend prestige, scholarships), job after graduation prospects...

(2019) | Journal of Vocational Behavior
amit fahima, amnon lichter, anat hugger, Smadar Harpaz Saad, itai lax, moshe goren, raphael stern, saar levinkron, smadar harpazsaad, xuming huang, yochai maytal, yoram eyal

Abstract Litchi ( chinensis Sonn.) is a subtropical fruit known for its attractive red pericarp color, semi-translucent white aril and unique flavor aroma. Rapid post-harvest browning strictly limits litchi marketing. In the current research, we hypothesized that modification of anatomy by hormone application may reduce susceptibility to browning. this context, cytokinin treatment, induce cell division, yield with thicker reduced surface...

(2019) | Plant Science
anna rozanska, arkadiusz szterk, elena katrich, Shela Gorinstein, jacek namieśnik, martyna lubinskaszczygel, patraporn luksirikul, suchada vearasilp, tomasz dymerski

Abstract Steam cooking is one of the most common preparations Momordica charantia dishes. This method improved tastiness fruits but at same time, some changes occurred in volatile and non-volatile parts their food matrices. In this study, for first time these properties were correlated with found substances affecting bioactivity fruit. Two varieties analysed compared. It was possible to differentiate both types using two-dimensional gas...

(2019) | Food Control
david sedlak, itamar shabtai, jessica ray, marc teixido, Yael Mishael

Abstract Functionalized polymer-clay composites were developed and characterized as engineered geomedia for trace contaminant removal during infiltration of urban runoff. Montmorillonite clays functionalized with either poly(diallyldimethylammonium) chloride (PDADMAC) or poly(4-vinylpyridine-co-styrene) (PVPcoS) to enhance organic compound sorption using a simple, scalable synthesis method. Seven representative compounds six metals employed...

(2019) | Water Research
Andrew Howell, anthony piro, avishay galyam, azalee bostroem, curtis mccully, david sand, emma callis, galbany, giuliano pignata, gutierrez, Assaf Horesh, hosseinzadeh, Iair Arcavi, inserra, jerkstrand, kankare, kristhell marisol lopez, michael lundquist, ofer yaron, osmar rodriguez, paul kuin, regis cartier, samuel wyatt, smartt, smith, stefano valenti, sullivan, viktoriya morozova, young

Hydrogen-rich, core-collapse supernovae are typically divided into four classes: IIP, IIL, IIn, and IIb. In general, interaction with circumstellar material is only considered for Type IIn supernovae. However, recent hydrodynamic modeling of IIP IIL requires to reproduce their early light curves. this scenario, experience large amounts mass loss before exploding. We test hypothesis on ASASSN-15oz, a supernova. With extensive follow-up in the...

(2019) | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
ron lavi, sattath, Aviv Zohar
(2019) | WWW 2019 : The Web Conference
dina zalaznik, Jonathan Huppert, michal weiss

AbstractObjective: This study examined attachment within the framework of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for panic disorder with agoraphobia (PDA) by measuring changes in avoidant and anxious a session-by-session analysis. Method: Thirty-one patients PDA were treated using CBT. Pre-session data on style (ECR), avoidance behaviors (MI-alone: MI-al; MI-accompanied: MI-ac), anxiety sensitivity (ASI), emotion regulation (ERQ), working...

(2019) | Psychotherapy Research
hadar leviaharoni, naftali tishby, oren shriki, Naftali (Tali) Tishby

The limited capacity of recent memory inevitably leads to partial past stimuli. There is also evidence that behavioral and neural responses novel or rare stimuli are dependent on one9s Thus, these may serve as a probe different individuals9 remembering forgetting characteristics. Here, we present two lossy compression models stimulus sequences inherently involve forgetting, which in addition being necessity under many conditions, has...

(2019) | bioRxiv
chen belay, Abraham Domb, Jacob Golenser, luis campos, noam steinman, rachel starr, rinat meir, spencer brucks

Cationic polymers offer a wide range of potential biomedical applications. Often, these materials suffer from lack degradability under biological conditions, preventing their translation in vivo. We present herein the synthesis and characterization series novel biodegradable bearing cationic cyclopropenium along polyester backbone, either linear or cross-linked. The are synthesized stepwise via reaction between diol-functionalized...

(2019) | Macromolecules
adi pick, Nir Bar-Gill, nimrod moiseyev, nir bargill, shahar silberstein

We show that microwave-driven NV centers can function as topological mode switches by utilizing a special degeneracy called an exceptional point (EP). By tuning the intensities and frequencies of driving fields, we find EP---where two normal modes system coalesce---and, then, use it to perform dynamical simulations demonstrate non-reciprocal switching. comparing density matrices input output states, predict experimental detection switch...

(2019) | arXiv: Quantum Physics