Template Agreements

Our Template Agreements
Yissum's Research & License Agreement template can give prospective licensees an understanding of what are typical contractual considerations involved in licensing a technology from Yissum. The actual agreement to be executed by Yissum and a licensee, however, may differ from this template depending on the specific nature of the technology to be licensed and the commercial terms deemed appropriate by the parties.

In certain cases, a company may wish to have specific research conducted by a HUJ researcher. Upon the completion of that research, the Company may exercise its option to take a license to the results of the research upon commercial and other terms that Yissum and the company either have agreed upon at the signing of the Research & Option Agreement or have left to be negotiated between them at the conclusion of the research. 

Yissum offers companies access to the unique expertise and resources of HUJ researchers for the provision of laboratory or research services that companies wish to have performed in the university setting. For further information regarding the services available, please contact Keren Shahar, Director of Alliances, Contracts and Research Grants at keren@yissum.co.il
Yissum's Confidentiality Agreements can be downloaded and signed as appropriate. Should you require any changes to the language of the relevant CDA, please be in touch with the business development officer responsible for the technology in question.

The Hebrew University Software Research License should be used when source code associated with a particular technology or algorithm may be commercially valuable.  It is imperative to accompany the published source code with the appropriate license to prevent the free commercial use of such code. 

Here are our agreement templates:

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